Tax Group Center presents the Employee Tax Services (ETS) Program

Did you know that one-third of employees owe or end up owing money to the IRS or State Tax Authority? Many of these employees have little or no means to pay their debts and as time passes, the situation only gets worse. In fact, the number of employees with tax issues is steadily increasing.

Your employees’ tax troubles can and will hurt your organization. Serious consequences result when IRS or State debts go unpaid. Your employees could face wage garnishment–funds seized from paychecks. Your employees could face a bank levy—funds seized from bank accounts. Both as a result of unpaid taxes or unfiled income tax returns.

As a result of these collection activities, employees may experience stress, anxiety and ultimately their job performance will suffer. Tax Group Center can help. We specialize in all areas of tax services for both the IRS and State. We release wage garnishments and bank levies, prepare tax returns, and file resolution programs on behalf of our clients.

When employees remain in compliance with the IRS and State, they can reach some peace of mind. The ETS Program was designed to provide effective help in a time of crisis and increase awareness of available services. Once your employees are able to resolve their tax issues, their improved financial health will lead to an increase in productivity, higher morale, and financial security.

Tax Group Center achieves results through the 3 S System: Service; Solution; Success. Our expert staff includes CTEC Certified Tax Consultants; Enrolled Agents; Tax Attorneys and CPAS. We’ve made it our mission to strive to empower our clients to achieve financial strength.

There is no cost to employers who wish to enroll in the ETS Program and their employees will receive 30% off tax services’ fees.

In addition to tax services, Tax Group Center also offers tax preparation, payroll tax help, merchant account services and life insurance.

If you’re interested in the Employee Tax Services Program or any other services we offer, call our team of tax specialists today to learn more or visit our website at

Check out our ETS Program SlideShow:

About taxgroupcenter

Our Mission: By focusing on the 3 S System: Service; Solution; Success, Tax Group Center strives to provide our team of professionals with the highest level of knowledge and technology in order to empower our clients to achieve financial strength. Our aim is to make service our number one priority 100 percent of the time; to be a solution to your financial plight and to offer guidance to success. Tax Group Center is a tax services company comprised of tax and financial professionals. These professionals include CTEC Certified Tax Consultants, Enrolled Agents, Tax Attorneys, and CPAs. We specialize in providing affordable solutions to businesses and individuals alike who find themselves in trouble with the IRS and/or State Taxing Authorities. While handling tax debt is at the core of our business, we provide our clients with a variety of other financial services as well, including Individual and Business Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping Services, Merchant Account Services, and coming soon; Life Insurance Services. We represent clients nationwide with our company headquarters located in Calabasas, CA; second office located in Post Falls, ID. Our “tax season” is all year long and our offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So how do we provide excellent service? We dedicate ourselves to helping our clients reach their goals. At Tax Group Center, we believe that informed clients are happy clients. By constantly working to improve the lines of communication and expanding the knowledge of our staff as well as our clients, we are able to deliver sustainable results. Let Tax Group Center serve as your financial partner to bring you to the next level. If you believe in Service, Solution and Success, Tax Group Center is just the company to turn to. We’re on your side! Get started today.
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